Experience India's Ancient healing art in spiritual Sedona



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Ayurvedic Spa Therapies:

 Whole Health Consultations, Pancha Karma (Seasonal Detox), Natural Beauty Care, High Quality, Organic, Herbs & Oils, Meditation Prana Enhancing Breathwork

Vibrational Therapies:
Color - Light - Gems - Aromas -
Primordial Sounds - Mantras - Yantras

      Sedona, Arizona is famous for its red and orange sandstone rock formations. Many people believe that several healing energy vortexes meet underneath Sedona. Many New Age people who visit Sedona every year also visit Authentic Ayurveda a holistic spas in the town, offering massages, herbal skin treatments, bodywork, yoga classes, and more.

Authentic Ayurveda

10 Navajo Road, Sedona, Arizona 86351 Village of oak Creek

Phone: (928) 284-1114  Email: Avani@Ayurveda-Sedona.com

 by appointment only